Blogging Calvin’s Institutes in 2017

2017 is set to be a memorable year.
There is some great celebrations ahead. Canada, my home and native land, is celebrating its 150th Anniversary. I am looking forward to digging deeper into some of the historical and cultural developments of our great nation. I am your typical Canadian, apologetically patriotic (read ‘closet nationalist’) and outspokenly bias (read ‘defending our right to own hockey’ by using cutting sarcasm). I have begun to put together some reading on the history of our provinces and the cultural development of our country for my reading list in 2017 (any suggestions would be welcomed).
Another significant celebration is the 500th year of the protestant reformation. Sparked by Martin Luther, fuelled by Augustine and clarified by several key reformers including John Calvin.john-calvin
At the end of 2016 I began to read John Calvin’s Institutes. The first half has been so thought-provoking and spiritually deepening that as I reviewed some of the personal notes and applications that I made I decided to try to blog out these insights.

I am not claiming to be an expert in either Church History, the Reformation or John Calvin studies but I am leaning in as a student of all the afore-mentioned. You may want something more scholarly or analytical.
I am  a practitioner. A dad and a Pastor. My roles in life include helping others navigate the world around them in meaningful ways. Ways that will cut through lies, half-truths or confusion and bring clarity, purpose and move ahead truthfully.

This is my approach to reading , thinking and blogging through Calvin’s institutes.  I am reading to learn and apply into the context of today’s culture. In particular, the leading edge liberal culture that is mine, in Canada.

I can’t promise you that these blogs will be short – ‘4 steps to a better…’ – kind of blogs. But I do hope they will be meaningful, insightful and helpful to those who find themselves having to navigate a liberal culture that is in desperate need of a spiritual reformation back to the great God of glory.
For those interested look for a “Blogging the Institutes” at the end of each week in 2017.

Thanks for reading


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