The Most Terrible of God’s Qualities [This is a Christmas Theme!]

Great is our Lord, and abundant in power;
    his understanding is beyond measure.”
-Psalm 147:5

THE OMNISCIENCE OF GOD- God has complete and perfect knowledge of all things, including past, present, future and everythi_saw_that_goding actual and potential [Psalm 147:5; Isaiah 40:12-14, 46:10; Psalm 139:1-6; Job 42:2; Hebrews 4:13]                                 – from PAXnorth‘s Gospel Journey 101 FAITH Lesson 2:: GOD

God is simple.  The reformed theologians, and the puritans that followed, held that God is not simply a collection of divine attributes. He is the purest and completest of each attribute. To understand God as love is to understand Him as pure love, fully love. To understand God as Holy is to understand Him as wholly Holy, to the fullest purity of holiness that holiness can be. Each of the characteristics of God is complete in Him, both in its essence and its expression. “Where there is the greatest simplicity, there is the greatest unity; and where there is the greatest unity, there is the greatest power.” – Stephen Charnock, Existence and Attributes, 1840, as quoted from A Puritan Theology, pg62

Thinking on the characteristics of God I think that the pure, completeness of God’s knowing of all things- past, present and future- is to His enemies the most terrible of God’s qualities.   

It must be the most frustrating of all of God’s terrors to the devils, that God always and already knows the will and outcomes of His adversaries. That as the attack plan is being considered, organized….put into careful, hateful, and meticulously evil of places… God has already arrived with the contrivings of grace to bring about redemption. Even before Hell’s gates have been opened to unleash its hoards to have launched its arsenal – God has already planned the breaking of dawn!

This is a Christmas theme! Luke 1:78-79
God knows the depth of humanity’s brokenness.  From it’s beginning, to it’s end, and all the hurt in between.
God knows the plans that are in the heart of mankind. From global dominations, to personal dominations.
God knows the hopes that make up the daily lives of people. From good desires, to desires that will destroy.
God knows the needs of people. The desperation of all of time, of all the earth, in all cultures.
God knows the life of each one that He has given breath to. From Hitler, to Mother Theresa, to you and me.

God has seen it all before it unfolded. He set a plan in place before the foundations of the earth, so the Bible would tell us, Christianity would hold.
Omniscience:: This is the most terrible of God’s qualities:
– For thoughtful, desperate souls experiencing pain, it begs the same questions that Job’s own soul cried out- Why this….? Where are You…? Who is able to …..? What am I to do …..? How do I understand…..?
– For those who would consider themselves the enemies of God it will be the means of God’s right calling into account and bringing about the fullness of His justice.
– To those who hope to be let into heaven based upon our own good deeds, it remains the unnerving truth that God sees, knows the very nakedness of our souls.

But for those who have no other hope…. God’s Omniscience is the means of His redeeming! Yes, He knows. He doesn’t have to wait to see if we are able to clean up our own life, or heal our own wounds, or bring about the fullness of our own justice, or bring a needed sacrifice for every wrong deed that we have done or that has been done to us. Even while Adam and Eve stood in the garden in their uncomfortable state of fig-leaved coverings, trying to hide from God and each other- God calls out, “Where are you?”. He knows but like a good dad he longs for them to come to him in open repentance. Acknowledging what He already knows and will make a way to right the wrongs.
We are broken. We need a Saviour. A saving from God. A saving by God.
This is Christmas! He knows and He comes to save.

Joy to the World for the terrible All-knowing of our God!




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