Justin Trudeau is the Answer to Your Prayers


Yesterday, October 19, 2015 marked a decisive day in Canada’s political landscape. Democracy was exercised across our great country in all ten provinces and 3 territories resulting in some unprecedented results. Approximately 17,410,656 people were engaged in voting, the highest voter turn out in more than a decade with more than 60% of eligible voters showing up to exercise their freedom to choose their leaders. This on the heels of a very long, according to Canadian standards, political campaign period, 78 days. Still, this resulted in a reportedly large numbers of first time voters (students, new citizens, etc.) and a strong turn out of aboriginal first nation communities making this federal election feel like democracy is alive and well in our country. Snap shot of the results

  But did we get what we were asking for? 

I think I am like the typical Canadian. I have an opinion, try to keep it politely to myself until directly asked then try to communicate with a calm cool nonchalantness and deep conviction on MY right opinion. I was asked several times through the election campaign who I will vote for (by both family, friends and acquaintances). I could tell that most of them, like me, were wearying from the constant berating of one party’s rhetoric against the other. The constant deflecting or the spin machines that so often deflect from the deeper issues that no politician would talk about. Mainly because in our politically correct, post modern culture they know they would be committing political suicide.

Then there are the morning after Facebook feeds,  WOW! I won’t write everything that surprised me by the Facebook feeds that I stream, except this one thing: I am struck with the incredible negative responses from my Conservative Christian voting feeds, not all but the majority. I recognize the sentiment, the feelings of frustration that no one wants to talk about issues that line up with the deeper truth of Biblical morals (not even the Conservatives). Or that whole parties are seeming to forbid any kind of conversation about these issues (abortion vs pro-life; euthanasia, actions to care for the poorest among us, etc). These frustrations, if I am not mistaken, have moved Christians in our country to pray for these elections, our party leaders, or local candidates more intentionally then perhaps a long time.
I think more Christians than usual were moved by this election to a biblical response when faced with the clash of our consciences and government. More than normally, I know I was pressed into prayer,  to hope and to clarify a vote, for the option that will cause us to live out of a peace and quietness that brings a freedom to both believe and preach the Goodnews of God, which is Jesus (I Timothy 2:1-7 kind of response).

But two questions in the aftermath, my fellow followers of Jesus:
1. Do you believe God answers the prayers of His Church?  It seems many of us don’t. Our response to God’s answer to our countries act of democratic vote is “DOOMSDAY!” We prayed, we hoped, we voted and now look what God’s given us for an answer… Justin Trudeau. You may, or may not, find this answer lacking – but it is God’s answer. If you don’t see it that way then I’d press this second question to you;

 2. Do you believe in the Sovereignty of God?  I see the God of both the Old and New Testament not as a passive or reactive God. I see God both giving his people the kings, rulers, emperors, ruling nations that they often deserve, or even don’t deserve. But however you look at it, you soon discover that God is always, and will forever be able to make, shape, direct both the heart of the rulers and the fate of the nations.

If we believe in these two simple Biblical understandings about the character of God- He answers the prayers of His people, and He is sovereign  then we need to understand, this morning when we woke up God has given us an answer in keeping with these two truths- the answer right now, that will shape both the people of God, and the Kingdom of God in our Country is Justin Trudeau, and the Liberal party.

To these truths then I think our first response needs to be prayers of thankfulness, trust, and enthusiasm to push in to be better, more engaged and hopeful citizens of Canada then we have ever been. For God is working out his grace through His Church in our Country as a response to the prayers and actions of His people.

Here’s a helpful response written by another Canadian Christian blogger – This demonstrates a trust in the Sovereignty of God and an engagement in the answers of God to His praying people. “Dear Prime Minster Trudeau” – thanks Aaron

“The King’s heart is a stream of water in the hand of the LORD; He turns it wherever He will.” – Proverbs 21:1


4 thoughts on “Justin Trudeau is the Answer to Your Prayers

  1. Thank you, Brad, for your words of rebuke. These are not easy to digest in a climate that has been more about character assassination (on all sides) and emotion than deeper issues. I trust, as we move beyond elation or dismay we, as the Church, will be moved to do and be what we are commanded to. The challenging questions regarding prayer and sovereignty are necessary. I have entered into those discussions with those who have lived through dark times in our history: those who prayed against the rise of Hitler or Stalin or Mau SeTung and then saw these men rise to power. It is through the wrestling on these questions that we find where we truly stand, where our hope comes from and how we can be lights. So, again, thank you, for the needed post election call to be… I need it.

    • Thanks Stephen,
      I pray that Canada will never know the level of suffering and evil it would be to live under dictators like Stalin or Hitler or an O.T. Pharaoh or a N.T. Nero or a modern day ISIS; This kind of suffering and leaning into the Sovereignty of God can not be captured in mere words- requires a depth of spiritual walk and life that few in North America have experienced, including myself. – thanks for your kind and thoughtful reply

  2. Justin Trudeau is not at all the answer to my prayers… God is in control and He let the people to choose.
    God didn’t decide for us to have Abortion rights, or He didn’t make the Curriculum for the Sex Ed so disgusting …, and the list could be longer.
    He knows about them, but the Liberals are responsible for all this mess.
    I am upset that the party that I voted for is out from the picture!

    Now, I have to pray, that Justin Trudeau will not legalize marihuana, or do more damage to this blessed country!

  3. No political party in Canada (or elsewhere) is God’s perfect answer for his people to live under. We will not see that until we live under his authority directly when Jesus returns and he creates a new heaven and a new earth. While the Progressive Conservatives do hold positions that are attractive for Christians to get behind in regards to abortion, support for Isreal, euthanasia to name a few, there are other policies on the environment, treatment of the poor, alien and minorities that reflected a heart of fear and injustice. All parties have some policies that seem to line up with our Christian morals in one way or another, just as they have policies that we do not agree with. Christians of all convictions need to stop demonizing “the other” we do not agree with and ask ourselves if that is how Jesus would want us to think, speak and act towards those he loves and died for. I was not a conservative fan on many policies and actively criticized what I saw as injustice, but I believe God was still sovereign in bringing them into power for the time He did, just as He is now with the Liberals. Just as He will with the NDP or the Green Party if He chooses to use them.
    After reading many responses on social media about the change in government and all the negative and sometimes down right hate speech about the all the different leaders and parties I had to ask myself and ask them: Whatever happened to loving our neighbour? The Jews and Sameritians pretty much hated each other were as opposite theologically as The Reds and the Blues today. Jesus made a point to show us in that parable that we are to love (in our very actions!) those we disagree with. I think God used Trudeau when he said in his acceptance speech, “The Conservatives are not our enemy. They are our neighbours”. For me, I was reminded that the Conservatives are not the enemy. They are my neighbours. I am to think about and treat them as such. It’s a tall order to love those who differ from you, even more so when you think they are an actual enemy. But thanks be to God for it is only
    in His strength and by the work of His Spirit in us that we can love like that. In the end, it is for
    Christ’s glorification. And is t that what our lives are supposed to be lived for?

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