East Coast Veritas- GOES LIVE!

Wrestling through truth is more then mental gymnastics. It is to discover source, to study spin-off truth and to practitioner truth out in everyday settings (which includes personal applications and up close observations). This is the premise of what I’m hoping for as I shift this “Urban Somers”blog  (which was a bad pun to our families experience of planting a church in the core of Halifax, N.S.) to East Coast Veritas. To begin with, the three main categories of writing will be just this:

Theology Applied-  this will be simply from the Source of Truth – God’s Word, The Holy Bible, The Scriptures. Yep. This is primarily a Christian Theology in practice Blog.

Spin-Off Considered-  this will be some gathered and analyzed thoughts regarding articles, books, blogs of others who have or are wrestling through Christian theology. These blogs will most likely be a bit of ‘verbal processing’ with the hopes of understanding more completely what others have already discovered from God’s Word.

On the Ground- this is where my family and I live and breath. We are Urban East Coasters. Both my wife and I have grown up on the east coast, the Maritimes. Her in rural Maine and me in rural New Brunswick. We’ve ‘lived away’ for several years only to return. It is to Canada’s largest east coast city, Halifax- in the highest at risk communities, northend, that we have been compelled to live out life and faith along with our seven children. We are ‘on the ground’ here and have front row seats for both the crushing realities of human depravity and the miraculous work of God’s rescuing. Some of these type of blogs will have names changed for anonymity but all will be real-time stories with personal touches and up close observations.

Here’s where this EAST COAST VERITAS blog begins,
Hope it proves to be a place where authentic life and clarity in thinking spill out of God’s genuine truth,
From right here, right now on the East Coast!



2 thoughts on “East Coast Veritas- GOES LIVE!

  1. Brad,
    I look forward to your upcoming insight, on all forementioned subjects around the “veritas” of your experiences in living out the gospel, while facilitating your personal and family life. While planting a church in Gods name. I fir one admire, respect and to a small degree in a positive way envy you,
    In the five years or so that we have loved each other, you have exampled tremendous faith in God’s purpose for me, and all those around you. And as I watch and learn from you, I can only pray to the Abba Father, that I will someday grow to be half the man you are.
    I love, and owe you a debt of gratitude that I could not pay back in a thousand lifetimes.

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