IMG_0454 FINALLY! – Making some changes and re-committing to ACTUALLY blog!
I have blogged off and on for our young church, PAXnorth over the last several years [honestly it has been more off then on  for the last  couple of years or so]. I feel like the lessons I have been learning (God has been teaching me) are important (maybe just to me) and since I am a ‘verbal processor’ words help to cement the lessons. Since this blog is not going to be primarily about or for PAXnorth, the church I am leading, but is more personal spiritual lessons, cultural reflections and Christ-centered life worked out, I feel a greater degree of freedom (although their might be some cross over at times). With this in mind I am making a  blog-olution to update weekly, at the very minimum and three times when I have hit upon some thoughts that just won’t let go! I have been asked several times in the last 12 months why I haven’t blogged on some of things we are teaching at PAXnorth, how these lessons are processed in my life and how we have seen God create a community out of a motley crew of young cynics, post grads, starving artists, new parents, homeless, addicts and former prostitutes in the inner-city. What I hope will begin to emerge is an honest perspective of gospel theology in practice and in culture. Not that those looking in have to agree that this is a good way to view or process life – just that I might hope to authenticate or even somehow document God’s good work of grace in my broken life and those whom we journey together with. SO HERE GOES! Hope this becomes a project that will be used to help others but if only one is challenged in growing as a disciple of Christ as He intended then it will be worth it! BECAUSE OF HIM…. give’er! Bradley Somers Lead PAXnorth Church


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